Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Oh Christmas Pie

I just ate some chocolate covered Pringles mmm yummy they are tasty and I love it when I eat a pie and then a tree appears!  Then, I go up to it and sing songs and it dances and I sing more songs and it gets annoyed and kills me.  Then I’m dead.  But then it uses it’s powers to bring me back and I thank it.

Then, we go to my dinner table and finish those pies before they get to cold and then we decide to eat cereal and we wait until it gets soggy and force it down ourselves then we get mad at each other and have an extensive battle with swords, guns, and our fists in all 7 continents that takes decades and then we make an agreement.

We agree to only eat good foods and we divide my property so we each have room and it promises never to randomly appear again and I’ll be happy.


Yep, I love it when that happens so yah bye!!!!  and here’s an epic picture of Pikachu!!!!!

pika pika

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